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Contained within is a dark textured rock assault with the explosiveness of metallic power chords, keyboards and fiercely crooned vocals. GODS includes the melodic vocals of Jesse Smith and bass of Rob Horner, founding members of metal-core legends, ZAO. However those looking for a direct link sound-wise from their past group to GODS will be hard-pressed to do so. While ZAOÆs aggression is forefront in their arsenal, GODS, builds in swells and is suspended by more atmospheric sections throughout. Songs like ôThe DevilÆs Tearsö are propelled by a galloping monster riff throughout while the following song ôLove Is A Blisterö starts with an ethereal drum loop and burbling keys electronic passage before launching into a monolithic guitar assault. Though the sound differs from past works, GODS live show is as cathartic and intense as a punk/hardcore throwdown. During live performances Smith has sustained a broken rip from diving into the crowd and has multiple lacerations and cuts from beating his head with the microphone during songs.

Though Smith has been part of the Christian music scene in the past, GODS is not a religion affiliated band, though issues of personal faith and belief is the main theme of the debut album. I See You Through Glass may be a reference to SmithÆs personal relationship with God and lyrics touch upon a struggle with a belief system and being let down by many things he believed in. Smith was an original member of ZAO and had stuck around for close to ten years. In that time, ZAO had gone through many stylistic shifts as well as personnel shifts. While the band had achieved many highs as an influence over the metal-core scene, the members had grown up and changed goals and influences themselves.

Free to write his own music without the confines of a band, he wrote the songs on I See You Through Glass, (in addition to vocals, he also plays drums and guitar). He recruited Horner who had played on ZAOÆs early albums as well as Nate Staats (keyboard), Chad Huff (guitar), Alan Enicks (guitar) and Bobby Green (drums). The unit has gelled beautifully and has begun to write new songs as a unit.

Inspired by the chemistry of the group, GODS will be a full-time touring group and plan to be on the road for the rest of the year.